About Us

Who Is Nova Zoii?

Nova Zoii is a service provider to professionals who maintain close relationships to their private clients.

From the beginning, our focus was set on building a very strong agent network, while training and supporting our partners.

Our name, Nova Zoii derives from Greek and simply means New Life.

To improve people’s life is what drives us and what has let us become an innovative provider of migration services.

Relentlessly, we develop new products for our agents and their clients.

How Is Nova Zoii Different?

We differentiate ourselves from other providers in two ways:

  1. Nova Zoii develops innovative and affordable products. Our ambition is to provide our agents with competitive pricing structures.
  2. Nova Zoii doesn’t compete with its agent network and therefore doesn’t service private clients directly.

Our agents are our valued partners, and we actively protect them.

Whenever a prospect contacts Nova Zoii using this website, or using Social Media, we will introduce the client to an agent with an office nearby.

Of course, we treat all of our agents equally and allocate business to them based on the clients location and the clients demand for personalized services.

How Can You Work With Us?

If you are interested in joining our agent network, please contact us here.

In case you are a potential client for our migration products, please contact us here.