Welcome to Bulgaria

Beautiful and safe. Low cost of living. Full access to EU.

Why Bulgaria?

Setting up a business in the fastest growing economy in the EU, offers a wide range of advantages, such as access to a highly educated work force, low labor costs, low flat taxes regime and unrestricted access to goods and services within the EU zone.

If you don’t see yourself as a business owner, don’t worry: a Bulgarian Citizenship gives you the right to work across the EU and travel visa free to 169 countries. Your children have access to the best European schools and universities.

The cost of living in Bulgaria is comparatively low and the access to healthcare and recreational facilities is unrestricted and seamless.

A perfect match for the savvy investor.

Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment

According to the Bulgarian Law, eligible applicants/investors can become permanent residents and apply citizenship in Bulgaria, by investing into financial instruments.

Options Leading To Bulgarian Immigration

In cooperation with Banks, Insurance companies and Property Developers we have access to products, that comply with the immigration laws of Bulgaria.

While the standard programs are great solutions for people on a budget, the fast programs give clients the option to pay a bit more and become eligable for citizenship within 18 months.

The family programs allow clients and their spouses to apply simultaneously.

The Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment Program provides unbeatable benefits:

  • Refundable and non-refundable products
  • Immediate family included in the application with no age restriction for kids
  • No requirement to speak the language
  • No requirement to spend any time in Bulgaria
  • Simplified procedure and constant assistance
  • Well-managed investments with long-term benefits
  • EU citizenship, allows clients to freely settle anywhere in the EU, in Switzerland, or in Norway.

Our partner institutions offer the following product categories:

  • Financing
  • Property
  • Life Insurance
  • Government Bonds

Permanent Residency Procedure


Contact Us

Contact us and tell us about your interests and plans.


Preparing Documents

Receive our Migration Services Agreement and prepare your requested documents.


Transferring Funds

Transfer your investment amount and the all-in handling fee to your new Bulgarian bank account, or to our Life Insurance company.


Visa D Application

Apply for your Visa D at your local Bulgarian embassy or consulate.


Come to Bulgaria to Apply

Use your Visa D and visit us for one day in Bulgaria to apply for your permanent resident status.



Receive your permanent residency approval letter.

Further Information

Waiting Period


Fast Track

Waiting period of 12 months.


Standard Track

Waiting period of 60 months.

Further Information

Citizenship Procedure


Apply for Citizenship

Prepare your requested documents and apply for citizenship.



Receive your citizenship approval letter.



Receive your passport at your local Bulgarian embassy or consulate.

Further Information

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